Member Benefits

As a member of the South Hill Business Association you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Right to Vote at General MeetingsDon’t miss the important Annual General Meeting on Sept. 20th, 2018 when the South Hill (Fraser Street) BIA members will vote whether to continue the BIA or not. Do you get value from your BIA? If you think so, be sure to register your Membership Renewal and come out and vote! There is no cost charged by the BIA to renew your voting membership.
  • Micro-cleanings by our contracted service mean that litter is picked up twice a week plus three additional times per month throughout 2018.
  • Graffiti Removal Service: A new benefit this year and a one-time removal of tags was offered this summer for businesses and property owners through our designated business area with the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre and City of Vancouver’s free paint program. Two weekends saw volunteers from the SHBA office and SVCPC combine forces to remove tagging from storefronts, sides and backs of buildings, advertising signs and tilework – anywhere we could reach. The City did its part by removing tags from utility boxes.
  • Artistic anti-graffiti vinyl film applied to two utility boxes on Fraser Street the week of August 13: one at 45th Avenue and w. Fraser Street and a second utility box was covered artistically at 47th Avenue and e. Fraser Street. Artistic wraps discourage tagging by vandals and help to keep our area attractive.
  • 16 Planters on Fraser Street are planted with flowers twice a year on Fraser Street when the subcontracted crew also waters and fertilizes the plantings, prunes the trees and wipes each planter down on their regular monthly visits.
  • All wooden benches on Fraser Street were power washed in April. We noticed people using them right away after that so we will look to have these cleaned annually. We know that businesses appreciate that good customers linger and enjoy themselves on Fraser Street.
  • A free business listing for all members is included in the Business Directory on the South Hill Business Association website. The listing includes your selected photo and/or logo along with a description of the business or service. Are you taking advantage of this free advertising?
  • South Hill banners program brands the business area from 41st to 50th avenues by installing banners with the South Hill name on them on light poles along Fraser Street. Fresh new banners are planned for installation after Labour Day.
  • Newly installed in July, Electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) are a new convenience to draw added customers; the EVCS appear now in our parking lots at w. Fraser Street directly below 44th Avenue. As soon as the FastCharge and Level 2 stations are activated early this fall, word will go out on PlugShare in Metro Vancouver and on the national directory and you’ll see people immediately start to use them. And after all, what are people going to do while their car batteries are charging? They will conduct business, attend to medical needs, eat and shop on Fraser Street, of course!
  • Parklet” – a small community space for people to meet and mingle. The new parklet on 43rd Avenue at e. Fraser Street encourages people to come out and socialize on the street – it’s good for business! The new parklet boasts smart new planters supplied by the City and furnishings supplied by Tim Horton’s. Floor design and planter decoration were provided by John Oliver High School Fine Arts Department. SHBA sub-contractors along with volunteers will water and maintain the plantings.
  • The SHBA office regularly organizes Special Events that draw people out to Fraser Street and contribute to the vitality of our commercial area. This year we organized a Lunar New Year Celebration in February, a Community Clean-up in June and a large Eco and Science Fair in July. Plans for the balance of the year include a Shop Local campaign in the fall and a Christmas Visit from Santa in December.
  • BIZMAP – This new commercial and residential profile offers members a good source to update business plans, merchandise and marketing plans as it reveals an up-to-date picture of your customers and the area’s amenities. The Bizmap report is now available on the South Hill website to members and realtors interested in researching the area for their business/investor clients, and it will assist the SHBA office too in attracting new businesses to Fraser Street. The independent BIZMAP website also offers both business people and residents a way to view neighbourhoods in the City.
  • SPACELIST – A new benefit for businesses on the SHBA website, SpaceList is a way for member property owners to list space for lease (with text and photos) and have the listing appear on our local website – so businesses searching for space for lease can find a one-stop shop to research the area with BIZMAP, then find commercial space for rent.

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