Plug in to South Hill


An Eco and Science Fair for the Whole Family

Plug in to South Hill event poster
Plug in to South Hill event poster

The South Hill Business Area celebrates the arrival of its new electric vehicle charging stations with Plug in to South Hill – an event to mark the occasion of the installation at the west side of 44th Ave. and Fraser St.

Electric vehicle owners driving to Vancouver or travelling around town will now have more East Vancouver fast charging options. They can drop in to Fraser St. and plug in while they spend time shopping, dining or doing business in the South Hill commercial area.

The outdoor fair on the Saturday, July 21st from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. will entertain the whole family, rain or shine. Some of the activities include test driving the Meccanica Solo electric vehicles, listening to music at the event main stage, seeing and understanding marine animals with the Vancouver Aquarium’s AquaVan, an ocean wise initiative. Mike’s Critters will be there to entertain and educate visitors about various animals. Science World on the Road will engage visitors with four different activities including the Van de Graaff generator. The Ice Cream Truck will serve a delicious variety of ice creams to beat the heat.

Residents, visitors and business employees are encouraged to attend this community event with free admission, as we celebrate South Hill’s four new electric vehicle charging stations.

Starting towards the end of July, drivers will be able to charge their electric vehicle using the two Fast Charge and two Level 2 stations supported by the City of Vancouver and BC Hydro. The chargers will be located in the NE corner of the parking lot located directly south of 44th Avenue and behind the west Fraser Street shops. This EHub installation will also be listed on PlugShare, a North American digital map allowing electric vehicle drivers to locate the nearest charging station when on the go.

For further information about the Fair, please contact:

Susan Lilholt
Executive Director
Tel: 778.385.7242
Email: [email protected]