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Your BIA office is in constant contact and providing support to members via email. If you are not receiving these messages, that means we do not have your correct email address. Please email [email protected] and provide your:

  • Business Name
  • Owner Name
  • Street Address
  • Email Address


Update Your Business Directory Listing

Make your business searchable.

Update Listing

BIA 101

Helpful information for new members.


Five-Year Strategic Business Plan

View the five-year strategic plan.


Safety & Security Contacts

Emergency Number


Police Non-Emergency Number

(604) 717-3321

SHBA Host Program Number

(778) 991-8242

Business Benefits

  • Right to Vote at General Meetings where decisions that impact business on Fraser Street are made.
  • Graffiti Removal Service: A new benefit this year and a one-time removal of tags from storefronts, sides and backs of buildings, advertising signs and tilework was offered this summer for businesses and property owners through our designated business area with the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre and City of Vancouver’s free paint program.
  • BIZMAP – This new commercial and residential profile offers members a good source to update business plans, merchandise and marketing plans as it reveals an up-to-date picture of your customers and the area’s amenities, assisting the SHBA office too in attracting new businesses to Fraser Street.
  • SPACELIST – A new benefit for businesses on the SHBA website, SpaceList is a way for member property owners to list space for lease (with text and photos) and have the listing appear on our local website – so businesses searching for space for lease can find a one-stop shop to research the area with BIZMAP, then find commercial space for rent.

Environmental Benefits

  • Micro-cleanings by our contracted service mean that litter is picked up twice a week plus three additional times per month.
  • Artistic anti-graffiti vinyl film applied to two utility boxes on Fraser Street the week of August 13: one at 45th Avenue on the west side of Fraser Street and a second utility box was covered artistically at 47th Avenue and the east side of Fraser Street. Artistic wraps discourage tagging by vandals and help to keep our area attractive.

Community Benefits

  • Electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) are a new convenience to draw added customers and conduct business on Fraser Street; the EVCS appear now in our parking lots just west of Fraser Street and south of 44th Avenue.
  • The new parklet on 43rd Avenue on the east side of Fraser Street encourages people to come out and socialize on the street – it’s good for business!
  • Power washed wooden benches on Fraser Street in April. We noticed people using them right away after that so we will look to have these cleaned annually. We know that businesses appreciate that good customers linger and enjoy themselves on Fraser Street.
  • Regular special events organized by the SHBA draw people out to Fraser Street and contribute to the vitality of our commercial area.
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