South Hill Business Association Committees & Work Groups

At this moment the South Hill BIA is looking for a business or property owner to join the Board of Directors. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity please contact the BIA office at 778 385 7242 or [email protected].

The South Hill BIA is always looking for more involvement from the staff and/or managers of the member businesses to join the various committees to contribute to the improvement of the South Hill commercial area. Contact the office to discuss the various opportunities that we have in our committees.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee assigns objectives and activities to other standing committees and initiates task forces for short term, specific assignments. The Executive Committee is responsible for maintaining contact with committee and task force chairs and monitors their activities to ensure that there is ongoing progress on the strategic plan.

The Executive Committee is also responsible to ensure that there are systems in place that support well organized and effective Board functioning so as to ensure that the business community of South Hill has an active role and strong voice in community affairs.

Contact: [email protected]

Events and Marketing Committee:

The Event and Marketing Committee’s purpose is to promote the South Hill area. It was responsible for the development of the SHBA’s Marketing Plan, which includes member communication, special events, advertising, social media and public relations.

Safety & Security Committee

The Safety and Security Committee is responsible for actions that address the safety and security of the South Hill BIA by reducing crime and increasing the safety of the general public. They are also in charge of the Host Program and the Block Watch Program.

Street Cleanliness & Maintenance Committee

The Street Cleanliness & Maintenance Committee is responsible for actions that address cleanliness and maintenance for public and individual businesses. The overall purpose is to ensure that the South Hill area is clean, well maintained and attractive. This committee encourages business and property owners to pay attention to the appearance of their businesses and buildings. It supports them in making the buildings more attractive and in showing pride and a sense of ownership in the cleanliness of the community.

Public Art Committee

The Public Art Committee was formed to improve the artistic and visual appearance of South Hill.  The Committee’s purpose is to implement the South Hill Art Plan, which was commissioned by the Association in 2009.

Neighbourhood Planning Committee

The Neighbourhood Planning Task Force ensures that neighbourhood planning processes benefit from a well thought out concept of what South Hill can become from a business perspective. The Neighbourhood Planning Task Force will develop an overall approach to prepare for and integrate with the City of Vancouver’s neighbourhood planning process.